How to Update Your Outdoor Space for a Fabulous Fall

The cooler days of autumn are finally here. You will likely find yourself outside relaxing and entertaining on your patio, deck or porch. But after using your outdoor area all summer, it probably needs some refurbishing. And fall is the perfect season to update your outdoor space. So, keep reading to get some fresh ideas to get ready for autumn entertaining outside.

Add Shades of Autumn to Update Your Outdoor Space

Look at some seasonal color options and styles to add to your outdoor area. A few essential pieces in fall colors like orange, rust, gold and green will work. A new color scheme is a great way to update your outdoor space instantly. So, add a couple of new outside furnishings or a new outside bar. If you’re on a budget, just add some fall-themed tablecloths, coverings, pillows and serving pieces.

How to Update Your Outdoor Space Using Accessories and Lighting

It is fun to recycle or change old accessories for a new, seasonal feel. If you don’t have any, visit your local thrift store, flea market or look for yard sales. After the season ends, pack and label accessories to make them easy to find next year.

Upgrade lighting fixtures and highlight areas that are too dark and unusable. Outdoor solar lighting can dramatically lighten a dark corner. And be sure to install lighting near steps and pathways for nighttime safety. The best way to update your outdoor space is to add good lighting.

Adding a Pop of Color with Autumn Plants

The cooler days of autumn are a perfect time to repot plants that have overgrown their containers. So, divide them and put them in fall-themed pots. Also, take advantage of the autumn plant sales. You can buy mums, asters, and zinnia at bargain prices.

These old favorites have upgraded to new colors and longer lasting blooms. And some plants thrive in the cooler temperatures of fall. But, be sure to research your plants before leaving them outside without protection.

Final Thoughts on How to Update Your Outdoor Space for the Fall

Fall brings shorter days and cooler nights; however, the days can be bright and warm. So spend some time outdoors before the winter weather hits. And if you have an outdoor fire pit, you can extend the season even longer. Just take some time to update your outdoor space for the fall. With a few simple changes, you can make it cozy and comfortable for you and your family, friends and guests.


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