The Big Benefits of Growing Your Own Vegetables

Growing your own vegetables and herbs can bring many benefits. By gardening, you could save the environment and some money, too. Many people don’t know all the benefits gardening has on the earth and their lives. So, read on to find out about the big benefits of growing your own vegetables.

Gardens Filter the Air and Water

Gardening helps reduce Co2 levels and raise oxygen levels. Plants, as we all know, improve our air quality by taking in Co2 and releasing oxygen. As humans, we require oxygen to continue living. Through this, you can see how important it is to keep planting. Not only do plants help your oxygen levels, but they also help keep your groundwater clean.

Plants have a complex root system, which allows them to filter water. Filtering water, in turn, helps clean our groundwater. So, by planting a small garden, you could increase your freshwater significantly.

Make Your Own Garden Compost

If you want to take gardening to the next level, then try composting. Composting is a beautiful way to help the environment while saving on fertilizers. All you must do is purchase two 50 gallon drums and start filling them up with organic waste. Or, you could merely throw your compost in a pile. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

According to the EPA, you should keep your compost pile in a dry, shady place that is kept moist. You should also keep a good variety of composting materials to ensure favorable conditions. In addition to the organic waste, you should add some hay or grass to speed the decomposition process.

Save Some Money

So, does gardening save money? The simple answer is yes, gardening saves money by ending the need to purchase produce. For example, a Jalapeno plant, at the Home Depot costs $1.67. And one jalapeno plant can produce 25 to 35 pods. That’s anywhere between 1.5 to almost three pounds.

Three pounds of fresh jalapenos go for over $12 on Amazon, which is significantly more than buying the seeds. In addition to buying seeds, you may need to buy fertilizer. However, if you use the composting method, this expense could be cut entirely from your budget.

Growing your own vegetables is an alluring task that can make your day brighter. Start gardening to save money and the environment in one go. And you could even save money on trash removal by composting.


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