Make a Gardener Happy with This Green Thumb Gift Guide

Chances are, you know someone who loves gardening. So, whether it’s for their birthday, a holiday or “just because,” here are some fun and thoughtful ideas for that special plant-loving person. So, read on to gain some helpful inspiration from this green thumb gift guide and make a gardener happy.

A Place to Perch

Give that garden-lover a place to perch with a gardener’s seat. These are lightweight and foldable cot-like chairs that they can tote around wherever they may go. Some even have wheels, so they don’t have to carry them. Plus, they can provide more than just a spot to sit.

Some feature multiple pockets and slots for storing tools. Also, some convert for kneeling, as well. Having a place to sit anywhere in the yard is a great way to make a gardener happy.

Supplies for Preserving Produce

Do you know a vegetable gardener who squirrels away produce so they can savor it out of season? Buy them a new set of pickling jars. Other ideas for the passionate preserver include canning toolkits, jar-lifters, a canning rack, or a new pressure cooker. Make a gardener happy by providing the preserving tools they need within hand’s reach.

Protect the Hands

A truly “handy” gift for anyone who works in the dirt is several new sets of gloves. Any garden variety from coated-cotton planting gloves to sturdy work gloves are useful. You can even continue the theme by throwing in a nail brush and a manicure set. Also, there is nothing like a soothing jar of salve for chapped hands to make a gardener happy.

A Helping Hand

Take a load off your lawn-loving pal’s back by buying him a helpful hand-truck to move equipment or supplies around. There are even special ones for gardeners for toting potted plants. Or, you could consider an old-fashioned red wagon. Also, a dump cart could prove helpful, too.

Save the Rain

Your favorite gardener will love tapping rain from a water barrel for daily watering. And if you think wintertime makes water barrels out of season, think again. Brands like Kyoto and Canadian can withstand the extreme temperatures wintertime may bring. Being able to save rain water is the best way to make a gardener happy, especially in a drought.

Green Stocking Stuffers

Are you seeking stocking stuffers for your flora-loving gardener? They’ll get a kick out of “seed bomb” bags that allow gardeners to grow plants or even salad greens just about anywhere with a quick toss of the wrist. Also, look for botanical-themed jewelry or tote bags to show off their passion for plants to others.

Gift Cards and Certificates

Gift cards are an excellent choice for making a gardener happy. They can use it to upgrade a favorite spot in their yard or garden without spending a fortune. The money can go to buying bigger things, such as a set of gazing balls, some whimsical stepping stones or a fascinating butterfly puddler.

You can make a gardener happy with this green thumb gift guide. No matter what your budget is, there is something you can afford on this list. So, while seeds, plants and garden gloves are inexpensive, a large gazing ball or the latest pressure cooker will cost more.

And, even if you have no money at all, you can gift a person with a green thumb. Just offer your time and effort to help them in the garden. You can plant, weed, water or dig to show your appreciation, too.


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