How to Make Chores Fun for Kids in the Home and Garden

If you spring it on your child that it’s time to clean the house from top to bottom, they will likely disappear. Although home and garden chores require attention, you don’t need to pay your children to motivate them to help out. These tips can make chores fun for kids, so your children will feel better about cleaning the house or doing yard work.

And since you won’t need to spend money on a lawn or cleaning service, use the extra money to reward everyone with a pizza night. Whether you stay at home or work outside the home, you can motivate your children to achieve a sparkling house and well-kept yard.

Invent a Special Theme

Just as you come up with themes for birthday parties, invent creative cleaning day themes. You can tie the theme into the reward, as well. During the holidays, let your children dress up as elves. Have fun putting on a Mrs. Santa Claus outfit. For the reward at the end of the day, make holiday cookies or let them open one Christmas present. During other times of the year, turn cleaning into a treasure hunt or adventure to make chores fun for kids.

Turn it Into a Race

Another way to make chores fun for kids is to hold a timed event. Give prizes to the child who cleans his or her room the fastest. In many cases, it’s the child who keeps his or her room tidy throughout the week that wins. Making it a race encourages daily maintenance. The winner gets to pick a favorite movie to watch or game to play as a family.

Tackle Yard Work

When tackling yard work, provide your children with age-appropriate tools. For example, many stores sell rakes and snow shovels that are the right size for children. Encourage them to dress for the weather to help make chores fun for kids. An uncomfortable cold or wet child is not going to want to help for long.

Some kid-friendly and safe outdoor chores include raking leaves and sweeping. In the garden, let your child water plants, pick vegetables and weed. Children also love to lay mulch.

Depending on the age of your children, avoid going too crazy with the cleaning games. For example, avoid games that could cause your child to slip and fall such as using their socks as mops for the soapy floor. Also, turn on fun music for kids to get everyone in good spirits.

Other ideas for getting your children to help with home and garden chores include asking them about their favorite household jobs. You might feel surprised to learn they love to sweep the floors or dust the living room, even if you don’t treat them with pizza or movies.

How to Make Chores Fun for Kids: Some Final Thoughts

Let’s face it, no one loves to work around the home and garden. However, if everyone pitches in, you can get it done faster. And, if you can have some fun together in the process, it’s a win-win for everybody. All it takes is a little creativity on your part.


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