How to Use Container Gardening to Make the Most of Your Small Space

For apartment dwellers with green thumbs, few things can be more disappointing than watching another planting season come and go with nothing to show for it. But there is hope. Container gardening can be an excellent solution for those who love to grow but have limited space in which to so. These tips and tricks will help you make the most of what you have, while still providing excellent results.

  1. Remember, Plants are Still Plants

Whether you’re container gardening outside or inside, plants still need air, sunlight and water to flourish. So choose plants that will thrive in your available conditions. For example, if your window is partially obstructed, choose plants that don’t require full sun. Or if you’ve been known to forget to use the watering can choose hardy plants that can handle a little neglect.

  1. Pick the Right Materials

Different plants have different sized root systems, so be sure to research the root depths of your dream garden before committing to a container. Or, go the opposite way: choose your containers, then find plants that will do well in them. Whichever way you go, make sure the planter has holes to drain water and get soil appropriate for indoor growing.

  1. Strategize to Optimize

You can save space by growing vegetables together in the same pot, as long as they’re not competing for resources. For instance, if you plant climbers like beans or peas in a pot with a trellis, then plant root vegetables like carrots or radishes around them. That way, you can maximize your available space and still have healthy greenery. You can also mix plants that grow quickly with those that take longer to mature.

No matter where you are, there are ways to have your garden in a small space. By taking these container gardening tips into account, you’ll soon be ready to start your indoor nursery. Soon, you’ll have your harvest ready to enjoy, even if you are new to planting in small spaces.


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