How to Make Your Own DIY Weed Killer at an Affordable Price

Many gardeners go out to the garden ready to wage a battle against weeds with a handful of expensive weed killer spray from the nearest hardware store. It typically takes 30 minutes before you are back to the store stocking up on yet another bottle of that expensive weed killer. Not only that, it’s harmful to pets, the planet, kids and your pocketbook. So if you’ve been wondering how to make your own weed killer, the solution is just a room away.

Make Your Own Organic Weed Killer Spray

The first thing you need for this weed killer is a pump sprayer. You can find these online or at your local hardware store. If you have an old weed sprayer with a nozzle, you can use that. Just make sure you rinse it out well before use. Here’s what you need:

  • One tablespoon regular dish soap
  • One cup salt
  • One gallon white distilled vinegar

Next, follow these steps:

  • Fill the pump bottle with white distilled vinegar, dish soap and salt.
  • Stir well, but not enough to cause suds to form.
  • Head out to your garden and spray away. It works best during the sunniest part of the day.
  • Make sure to only spray the weeds you want to kill since this elixir will kill every plant in its path.
  • Coat everything well, letting the spray soak into the ground and penetrate the roots.
  • If you run out, simply head back into the house and mix some more.

The best part of this spray is that the entire family can join you without the worry of toxic chemicals. Little Sally, Fido and your checkbook will thank you for switching to this cost-effective and non-toxic way of tending to your garden. So enjoy some happy, weed-free gardening.


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