Easy Home and Garden Updates to Boost the Value of Your Property

No matter what your decorating style, there are many home and garden updates that increase the value of your property. And while decorating is fun, most homeowners only use home staging to sell their home quickly or ignite a bidding war. So, if you want to live in your home for several more years, consider improvements that boost your home’s value if you do sell in the future.

According to experts, the return on investment or ROI depends on the project as potential buyers view it. It also matters what a home appraiser thinks about your home and garden improvements. However, Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies found some of the best property improvement ROI includes new doors, a replacement roof and HVAC system or repair.

Replace Your Front Door

The front door boosts the curb appeal to your home, as well as improves home security. Potential buyers like steel doors, which offer a great resale value impact. Also, experts suggest matching the style of the door to your architectural style.

For example, use a modern-looking door for a contemporary home or a Tuscan-style door for a European architectural style. This is one of the easiest home and garden updates you can make.

Improve the Kitchen

A kitchen renovation project is still one of the best home and garden updates for those hoping to boost their property value. Some ideas include adding new countertops, such as granite or recycled glass counters. Also, paint the walls and replace or paint old cabinets. Also, replace the tiles with modern ones. Add energy-efficient lighting, too, which brings us to the next tip.

Make Energy-Saving Improvements

It’s also smart when you want to live in your home for some time to make energy-saving improvements. Some ideas include installing an energy-efficient HVAC system and various appliances. Also, improve the insulation in your home and replace all the windows if they are old or damaged. Home and garden updates should always include energy-saving efforts.

More Tips for Making Home and Garden Updates

Other tips for home and garden updates you can make include creating an attic bedroom, replacing siding and preventing basement dampness. When you maintain your home throughout the year, you protect its value. For more home and garden tips, talk to a landscaper and general contractor. Planting trees and adding shrubs and flowers also improves the look of your home. By the time you sell, your landscaping will appear more mature.


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