Natural Landscaping: Home and Garden Tips You Can Go Wild Over

Sustainable landscapes, xeriscaping, “naturescaping” and native plant landscaping are different home and garden terms for the natural landscaping movement. Whether you live in Florida, California or anywhere in between, you can create a friendly landscape for local butterflies and other wildlife. Growing a butterfly garden or landscaping with native plants is also a great weekend activity for the kids. If you want to know where to begin, here are some home and garden tips to get you started.

Choose Native or Non-Invasive Plants

Some people use strictly native plants while others find “friendly” plants that don’t require a lot of water or are not invasive. A great place to start is to talk to your local extension office or plant nursery about which plants are native to your region. When it comes to xeriscaping, use groundcovers that don’t need a lot of watering, especially during a drought.

When you choose native plants, they often rely on natural rainfall and the natural flows of the seasons. This is one of the top home and garden tips that saves you money on fertilizer and watering.

Attract Butterflies and Bees

With children, you probably rather attract butterflies than bees. However, bees also require pollen from certain plants and are good for your garden. Most home and garden tips include attracting bees to pollinate plants. So, consider planting bee-attracting plants away from where your children play. Also, grow a butterfly garden for your child’s education and enjoyment.

When planting a butterfly garden, opt for a mix of host butterfly plants and nectar plants. Caterpillars consume the host plants to transform into butterflies who then thrive on the nectar plants. Children often enjoy watching the butterfly stages. Although some butterfly plants are actually “weeds,” they help preserve the dwindling butterfly population.

Some Final Home and Garden Tips

Experts say native plants include species that occur naturally in a specific area or habitat before the European settlement. When you resell your home, remember that potential buyers often love the beautiful native plants with deep roots that absorb rainfall.

Inside your home, you can grow houseplants that are also native to your area. Houseplants naturally clean the air inside your home. For more home and garden tips regarding native plants, talk to your favorite plant nursery or native plant growers.


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