8 of the Best Ways to Get Your Yard and Garden in Great Shape

The dreary winter months can seem to drag on, especially for gardeners. But the gray skies and rain of spring don’t have to keep you from working on your yard and garden. No matter if you start early or late, here are eight great ways to get out there and get your yard and garden ready for the upcoming warm and sunny weather.

  1. Ready Tools and Structures

Inspect your tools for rust or breakage. Treat wooden handles. Sharpen the blades of pruners and other cutting tools. Repair old plant supports and coverings and build any new ones you might need.

  1. Make a Plan

Decide what to plant this year and where. Remember that crop rotation and companion planting can increase your yield. Plan the size and location of any new beds.

  1. Gather Supplies

Take inventory of all your gardening supplies. Replace any tools, structures, seeds, mulch, and fertilizer that need it.

  1. Prune and Transplant

Many trees and shrubs need pruning and transplanting while they are dormant in the winter and early spring. When buying new trees and shrubs, be sure to choose those that will complement what’s already in your yard and garden.

  1. Seed Indoors

Planting from seed is inexpensive and often productive, not to mention exciting and educational for kids. Seed flowers and vegetables in a warm, sheltered place to get a head start on the growing season. You can move them out to your yard and garden once they grow a few inches and are sturdy.

  1. Clean up Debris

In areas with milder winters, spring is a great time to clean up your yard and garden. Pull out any large stems and other debris from the previous season. Then all you have to do when the weather warms is stick your plants in the ground.

  1. Dig New Beds and Plots

If you’re planning to expand your garden, get to digging as soon as the weather allows. That way you’ll have time to further prepare the soil before planting time. Make sure to consider the big picture design-wise when you dig new areas in your yard and garden.

  1. Test and Amend the Soil

Since some amendments are harmful to plants until a certain amount of time has passed. So, test your soil now for any nutrients that might be lacking. This will give you time to add what your plants need before you’re ready to put them in the ground.

Each of these steps will go a long way in getting your yard and garden ready for the summer months. Just take one at a time, and before you know it, you’ll have a beautiful outdoor space to relax and enjoy by yourself, or with friends and family.


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