5 Simple Projects to Ease Your Way into Gardening

Even if you’re new to gardening, there are lots of easy DIY projects that are fun to try and will liven up your home and yard. However, this list will focus on the basics that will get you off to the best start. So read on to find five simple projects that will help you ease your way into gardening.

  1. Hanging Basket Plants

These are so versatile and are extremely easy to put together. You can have them outside, or even indoors for the perfect springtime aesthetic. You can make them dainty and delicate, colorful and vibrant, or even plain and subtle. Not only that, but you can use any size/color basket you want. But, if indoors, you want to make sure the plant you use doesn’t need to have any form of drainage, as to not make a mess, or it won’t flourish in your basket.

  1. Trellis

A garden trellis will make your home look like something out of a painting. The best plants for these are vines. They will wrap around the structure and cascade downwards in a beautiful way. You can also prop it against a wall, have it stand alone, and even make it into all kinds of different shapes.

  1. Garden Markers

As someone who can hardly ever remember which plant is which, these are absolutely essential for the garden. And better yet, they extremely simple to make. You could use washi tape, wooden craft sticks, markers, or you can also print them on thick cardstock paper. These are functional, but also look adorable and add just the right touch to pull together your garden.

  1. Herb Garden

If you’ve never tried planting herbs, give it a shot. Most herbs have simple needs and are easy to maintain. These plants are perfect for people who love to cook and create new recipes. Plus, nothing beats fresh ingredients.

  1. Succulents

If you want an easy indoor and/or outdoor plant that looks beautiful and unique, succulents are the perfect plant, as they are low-maintenance and look amazing, especially in springtime. There are so many different types of succulents, but they are all beautiful in their own way. You could even try a simple cactus plant, although they are quite sharp.

All of these projects are easy, fun and can be cost-efficient, as well. Try any of these and your garden will look perfect.


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