Five Easy to Grow Blooms to Perk Up Your Summer Yard

Most spring blooms fade and fall off this time of year, often leaving spaces and gaps in the once beautiful flower bed. Autumn perennials and cool-season annuals are soon to take their place providing color and form. But until then, how should you fill the unattractive space?

The summer heat is not the most agreeable situation for planting, so choose some tough annuals and hardy perennials to boldly add a splash of color. For more inspiration of what to plant, stroll through the discounted garden aisle of your local home improvement store. Many established plants are marked down. Look for the following types of flowers to plant:

  1. Black-Eyed Susan

These flowers with their sunny yellow petals and large fuzzy brown center returns year after year in many climates. This easy-care flower multiplies too. It creates an attractive clump or swath when planted with coordinating colors and complementary foliage plants.

  1. Marigold

One of the easiest flowers to grow, plant these anytime except in frost or freezing temperatures. Colorful, fragrant and adaptable, with multiple uses in the summer garden, this workhorse comes in a variety of colors. Use the red, white, orange and the ever-popular golden yellow shade in the herb garden or a mixed bed.

Grow a few throughout the veggie bed. The beneficial nematodes of this plant make it a welcome addition to an herb garden or any sunny spot you prefer.

  1. Zinnia

Attract butterflies with these bountiful blooms that return when you deadhead. Prune the branches to keep a tidy shape. Zinnia flowers in a range of colors up until frost when you plant them in a sunny spot.

  1. Blanket Flower

These red blossoms with yellow tips continue to flower when you remove the old blooms. This is the perfect plant for a mixed border or growing in clumps. Expect them to return again next year for more beauty in the sunny flower bed and border.

  1. Purple Coneflower

The Echinacea flower comes in many different colors, but the purple is the original. This tried and true perennial blooms readily in the summer flower garden. It attracts butterflies, birds and bees and other pollinators. Once you plant them, don’t divide them for three years to allow the roots to set up well.

All these easy-care blooms establish quickly in the summer bed with proper watering. Plant them on a cloudy day or when the sun is not shining on the planting spot. Water in well and fertilize to give your summer plantings a jump-start. Always water before fertilizing.